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Third Mindful Meditation Post

My third guest-post on meditation is up on the blog of Lisa Klarner Coaching + Consulting. I find myself continuing to reflect on this piece: while the non-stick analogy has certainly been a helpful one, I think it can also imply disengagement from life’s experiences. If anything, meditation has helped me receive what lands in my...Continue reading

“Durmitor” Featured in Cargo Literary

I am really excited to have a piece of nonfiction featured in Issue 13 of Cargo Literary, publishing “compelling stories of human development through the lens of travel.” While traveling in Montenegro last year, a friend and I found ourselves in a predicament that unfolded into a bizarre and impactful experience for me. Here it is:...Continue reading

Second Mindful Meditation Post

My second post in a three-part series on mindful meditation is live on the blog of Lisa Klarner Coaching + Consulting. While a tough topic to tackle, writing about meditation proved to be a rewarding task personally, and I’m happy Lisa reached out to me to contribute as a guest-blogger. Check out the post via...Continue reading

First of Three Posts on Mindful Meditation

I’m excited to have some writing to share on mindful meditation—on the blog of Lisa Klarner Coaching + Consulting. Lisa and I discovered a shared interest in mindfulness when we were working together. I’m thrilled that she’s asked me to share about my experience as a guest-blogger. Here’s the first post in a series of...Continue reading