Just finished reading Walden by Henry David Thoreau.

First time through this required reading. Thoreau’s incisive cultural criticism feels timeless (if not more relevant today), and his spiritual insight has a deep ring to it that often stopped me mid-paragraph. Sometimes boring, his cataloguing of the minute goings-on of the pond and surrounding area at least piqued my curiosity. For instance, why does Thoreau want to document the size of bubble formations in the freezing pond? Perhaps I will continue to make connections between ideas.

On a personal level, my biggest takeaway from this read is its contribution to a self-reflective headspace as I experience growing vegetables myself and spend more time living alone. Thoreau encourages unending criticism of one’s relationship to work, economy, society and spirituality and emphasizes the necessity to “go one’s own way.” It’s an inspiring message–one I continue to work on integrating in my own life choices.



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